The Ex
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Gerald’s attempts to impress his date are quickly thwarted upon hearing the sinister voice of her ex-boyfriend from a framed photograph

Gerald’s first date with Jessica is at her apartment. Arriving a little early, he pours himself a glass of wine to steady his nerves as he waits for her. When he notices a framed photograph of Jessica and another man he thinks it’s slightly odd – but then he hears an aggressive man’s voice coming from the photo frame. An increasingly surreal encounter unfolds, as the ghost of her ex-boyfriend tries everything to sabotage the date. Beginning with childish taunts, this quickly escalates to dark threats and culminates in something more metaphysical – and disturbing. This comedy/horror puts your worst date into perspective.

Co-written and co-directed with Gareth Brown.


“Shire steals the show with his impeccable comic timing and a brilliantly expressive performance. A strong script also provided some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, along with a neat, dark little twist at the end.”London Horror Society

“…a humorous tale, especially a very funny reference to Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull that made me chuckle…the strong performances from the two leads propels ‘The Ex’ up a notch. Its length is just about right considering the plot, but overall ‘The Ex’ is a very enjoyable slice of comedy horror”. – The Slaughtered Bird


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  • Cast
    Andrew Shire/
    Abigail Poulton/
  • Crew
    Martin Stocks & Gareth Brown - writer/director/
    Neal Parsons - Cinematographer/
    Scott Lyus - Producer/
    Gareth Brown - Editor/
    Ed Harris - Composer/
    Ben Ramasami - Animator/
    Adrian Townsend - Dubbing Mixer/
    Carlos Borrageiro - Production Assistant/