Award-winning short thriller
Toll Booth
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A man working in an isolated toll booth suspects something lurks outside in the fog

Terry starts working in an isolated toll booth on the Yorkshire moors, following his predecessor’s disappearance. His suspicions intensify throughout the night, finding out more disturbing details from the local odd-balls driving by. Exploring the foggy darkness, Terry makes a terrifying discovery.

About the project:

Toll Booth completed its festival run, winning 11 awards and numerous nominations, including at Oscar and BAFTA-qualifying Leeds International Film Festival.

I am developing this project into a feature project.

“We like how the film juxtaposes tones—humorous one moment and suspenseful the next. It’s a deft tonal balancing act that shows a lot of skill and craft” – Short of the Week

“This short horror film delivers in terms of production, sound, story and cast – highly recommended for those who love snappy shorts, and independent films” – The Horrorcist

“Great cinematic vision” – TMBT Awards

“Andrew Shire is extremely good… hits all the right notes… Toll Booth is a good old fashioned yarn” – The London Horror Society

“I can vouch for how good this film is. I saw it Fear in the Fens and was very impressed indeed” – Jim Peters, Folk Horror Revival Group

Winning award
Winning award
Winning award
Winning award
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  • Cast
    Andrew Shire/
    Steve Wright/
    Suzanne Celensu/
    Elizabeth Coombs/
    Peter Nixon/
    Abigail Poulton/
    Sarah Dorsett/
  • Crew
    Martin Stocks – Writer/Director/
    Scott Lyus & Martin Stocks – Producer/
    Neal Parsons – Cinematographer/
    Reeta Varpama - Editor & Colourist/
    Ed Harris - Composer/
    Michael Chubb - Sound Recordist & Editor/
    Ben McCormack - 1st AC/
    Timothy Willcox – 2nd AC/
    Jordan Barkas – Runner/
    Greg Walker – Runner/
    Bob Ryan, Robin Stocks, Steve Cowan – Carpenters/
    Carla Burke – Make-up Artist/
    Julia Earle – Catering/